Friday, December 5, 2008

i am trying to look the other way but am standing in front of a mirror

time to just look straight ahead at myself...
it is nothing i have never done before and no one is here to yell
at me that i am selfish...or anyway what could be more self-absorbed than standing in front of a mirror?
tattooing self promoting jargon on one's hip? debatable.

all the same drink from the well when you spent all day walking to it.

so painting today...broken up with a few phone calls and lunch.
when the going got tough, the artist poured herself a shot of tequila and
communicated once again to the world around her...i am here to stay bitches and i am serious about taping into the collective conscious and letting it flow out all over this world of matter.
does it matter? time will tell no doubt but who's to say this or that.
i guess me, here, now.
so i finished 2 pieces today...the first is "3rd time's a charm" hopefully the last of the break up pieces that i make...who knows though, again with that whole time telling deal.

and the second is "right to be" which is about the actualization of homosexuality in our country and in a broader sense, embracing one's inner creature and being who one truly is to the strong reaction and resistance of "those people" who fear their insides so much they attack and ostracize others.

then i thought i would do a small demo of a piece i am in the midst of
first is the collage
next is the whitewash

third is the creation of lines and identification of images.

now i am gonna put on my non painting clothes and go out for a friday night.

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