Monday, May 7, 2012

Longest project I have ever worked on

This table will get done. The lesser known saying is "slow and steady wins the plastic table race, which isn't really a race or anyway it is a one woman race".
So Chance has helped me lay two layer of polymer resin and Gary has helped with two pours as well. In between I put some fish and a cat inside to go with the plastic and now the polymer resin stage is over.
The next stage is to finish/paint/decorate the side leaves and the legs...i hope that doesn't take another ten years. In more productive news, I have made some changes and updates to my website:

Monday, October 24, 2011

even it's been a while, it is never too late to get back to it

so it's been awhile. my time in ireland sparked me into thinking long-term about my future.
and it turns out to get to my future i have to (debatable? but i seem to have to) go back through my past. part of that makes me feel irritated and pathetic...riding on things once done, cashing in checks...etc but part of it is really cool.
most of it is science and trying to find a long-term position but some, a very small bit is art.
my plastic collage table is out of storage and in the dining room asserting that it needs attention.
in 2003/2004 i took a few trips down to the yucatan, where i basked in the sun on the beaches of tulum. most days i would walk the beach collecting plastic trash just like i used to do with beach glass as a kid. I would take bags of it back in my suitcase to eugene oregon. it would smell salty.
some of the bottles were still intact and i use them still as vases. here's my cat maxwell(rip) with some of them
the broken pieces are what i began collaging on this dining room table i was handed down from my older sister when i moved out of the dorms. back in slo.
Dude, get a load of those old school electronics.
so this table got a ton of old ocean plastic collaged on it and then used as my desk/art table for a few more years then it spent a good 3 years in storage.
it's never been finished. i am in the process of finishing it now. some things take that long, even if they are not revolutionary.
after i give it a solid acetone cleaning, I am gonna pour it's first coat of resin on. then i have another idea. but projects are many these days with me...but like i mentioned before they are more science and teaching and less art.

Monday, July 26, 2010

my irish days are numbered

last couple weeks have been dedicated to traveling around and looking at things.
but i did manage to spend the past two days getting some artwork done.
greeting cards, larger collages and a few small collaged paintings;
first one is called "devil dog on the street"

next one is "lovers on the street"

then "one past path of the american male"

then "monkeys of science"

i cleaned up my art space and packed up all my supplies so i will have to go without until i am back in my studio in san francisco in a couple more weeks.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

add them up and i hope you get 19

last night i had a nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare...luckily the crazy overweight guy in a red and black striped shirt who startled me by knocking on the door standing outside the building i was in and holding random appliances was doing it in such a way as to frighten me sooo much that i was able to scream my way awake into the multiple stages of the dream until i finally woke myself up into reality. the strangest part was that the transitions out of each individual dream were all so quick that the finger poking me from my childhood friend to wake me up from the dream in level two down was still present on my side when i was finally awake which gave me another scare. i never understand how strongly i can feel the things i conjure in my mind...that poking feeling must have come from a real experience.

so yeah, anyway, i would say all these internal days working on art the past week and the massive amounts of sleep i have been getting due to the allergy stupor i have been in are adding up.

so today i took a break and got on my bike and rode up to Howth. it felt nice to sweat for real reasons. i felt grounded and good after.

tomorrow i will pick up the art again and try and close out the autobiographical book of which i have 3 pages left of the 19.

Monday, July 5, 2010

i learned to knit and crochet

knitting has my vote, crocheting sort of pissed me off.

knitting is good social/chatting work and i have two projects currently in the works and two i envision in the near future. i never thought i could be a knitter, it just goes to show.

these past few days i have been plugging along with my autobiographical collage book, i have about 7 more pages left of 19. it has been a challenge but i think i understand it, or what i am doing with it. guess i will try and post some of it when it is done for curious eyes. today i finished two paintings and did a trash collage base for another painting.
the first one is titled "anyone can be a mother"

and the second one is titled "the love phoenix"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

recent completions in the past week

"one interpretation of the birth of American politics" paper collage

"the captain of my ship" paper collage

"Valentine's day on the tarmac" acrylic/mixed media

Sunday, June 27, 2010

drama leads and artwork follows

a bit of dissolution followed after the last entry...
waking up, believing i had been finally dissolved into the past and i no longer existed as an individual.
the feeling was very strong but it really didn't last more than a couple days since i am with a good friend and i was honest about it.
she empathized and called it for what it old framework in which i couldn't possible exist for various reasons which i need not mention here.

my artwork? so after forgetting what separates me from everything else i went on a bike ride, bought some white paint and some glue and starting collaging some bases for some small canvases

then i spent a solid day or two really busting out and moving along some paper collages, as well as working on my autobiography collage book...which is an interesting and challenging project and so far i am enjoying it.

collage is where i am at cause these small pieces are compact and will be easy to transport back to the states...topics covered are essentially typical; jabs at scientists, representation of the creature in my heart, the conflict between birds and planes, investigation of political hierarchies created by men, and critiques of american culture