Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the 6 of swords and justice

i have done a few tarot readings this past week and i have come up both times, for my personal reading, as the 6 swords and in a joint reading as Justice.
then the usuals, the hanged man, the hermit etc...makes sense to me i guess.
crossing that foggy lake or river from the clash of the titans...drop some old roman coin into the skeletons hand and hope for the best i guess.

a little bit of push, pull and sideways motion of late but still on course. transition to working part time has taking some of the focus away from my art career...not from the painting though. that is still happening and creation...mildly marginalized but not compromised.
a few fridays ago i finished this painting "dreams revisited" addresses the point i am at in my life
then i did this quick little pig for my niece for her bday, she likes pigs.

then this last one is in process, started the collage a few weeks ago and have been slowly developing it...i am sure it is not far from being done.

hmmmmmmmm, so a week ago was dark and i didn't sleep well for several nightmare, toss and turn nights...frustration with the past, anxiety for the future, worrying about the present and the state i was wore me down. i think i recovered over the weekend, i did some collage on a couple vinyl chairs for my bedroom which cheered me up, started to pull me out.
i have shifted my focus from paint to greeting cards the past couple days in my studio...doing some baby themed greeting cards.
this morning i treated myself to a nice salvadorian breakfast with a couple cups of coffee and a pen and paper to make two lists; 1) the groceries i am buying on friday at the new asian supermarket on mission and 18th and 2)my plan of attack in art.
so now it is just me in my studio for the day with a bunch of old paper, clippings, glue, tape and scissors... ahhhhhh, so nice.