Monday, December 15, 2008

blue sky, puffy clouds, fleetwood mac

"never going back again" is bubbling along with the background purr of my space heater.

in my studio. not doing art today. instead, putting attention towards getting a part time job to relieve some financial burden and i guess impose a little more structure to my life. slow time down; because time flies when you are having fun and at this rate i will be in the grave in no time. no no no, please not the grave.

this weekend i had a holiday open studios which was slow and people were sparse. though i sold a good deal of greeting cards. ended the time with my friends showing up and hanging out to some eggnog cocktails. that was the best part.
worst part was realization that being an artist and the type that i am, opens me up to being preyed upon by lonely stalker types...leading to a sleepless night of deliberating all the ways in which i should have shut people down or barricaded my person from invasion.
the tragedy of the world huh?
some would debate that. i actually have in mind who those "some" are, i know you are out there and to you i have no idea.
all the same my opinion is go find your fucking connection somewhere else lonely stalker types...connect with my art and my cards, that is why i put them out there...but don't come near me, i am not a fucking free for all for all the lonely and uninspired.

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CameronG said...

You are nobody until you have a stalker.