Wednesday, July 23, 2008

today i glued my pants to my butt. but i am still riding high

what does that mean in the larger sense?
smaller sense = i am doing many things at once and am a little scattered, oh, and
glue is involved.
regardless the deed is done.

preparing for an art show next weekend. show and i are inspired by frida and part of the larger Mission Arts and Performance Project, which i have participated in once before(June 7th)...sooooooo
i am going to do a performance in which i transform myself to the tune of George Michael's freedom. then i am creating a few paintings and some framed collages.
paintings have a far way to come, but i have the reins on the collages.
here is one of the completed collages.

and the beginning of a few paintings...large tracing of my body is the base of one of them...then my typical collaged personal trash for two others...a blue and a white one.

what else? i have that charged feeling, like i have had too much caffiene, but i have had none today...
oooooooo la la. this is passion.
feel so lucky whenever the passion wave comes by way and i catch it and ride it...
in some ways it rides me. until i glue my pants to my butt and beyond.