Monday, December 1, 2008

December starts as a mixed bag

got back from ireland just over a week ago.
it was great.
i am a horrible horrible person cause i am not giving it the proper update here that it deserves but time is moving beyond it and the seeds have been planted days ago so to talk about their beauty and the adventure in planting them is passé...
the green sprigs have sprouted i assume at this point...but i haven't gone outside to look. i have been keeping my head down at a desk somewhere inside my mental self.
but an update on broader things later.
besides i think i am already actually up from that serious boring desk and on my way outside, i just am scared to admit it just yet.

now = settling down from a day of art support...building frames, painting frames, constructing furniture to decorate, making calls, sending proposals, getting things done so when the artist steps out over the cliff their will be a nice bridge on which she can walk.
a practical needed bridge.
my hands are calloused and i sustained a decent gash between 2 fingers.
but my studio is quiet and clean and blank canvases of sorts await me for when i come in tomorrow. the little lovely creative creature in me has the rest of the week to use as her own without a practical thought needed. the work horse is done.
she is going to the lone palm for a cocktail.

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