Thursday, November 6, 2008

thursday and i opted out of a cafe au lait for a yerba matte

haven't really pulled the yerba matte card since late college.
so i thought today i would mix it up.
been painting more lately, that is all i really want to do and want to do now...but other things have been getting in the way; website prep, documentation, communication, resumes (looking for a part time job to start in jan), organization, name a few.
ah but what about painting?...i can get a few hours in today at the cost of updating my website.
oh but tomorrow is tomorrow.

i donated my painting "long distance love" to Big Deal a visual aid event this saturday which supports artists with life threatening diseases. since i am volunteering i get to go to the event for free which should be cool.

i had an awesome lucid dream last night, which marks something:
****this may be borderline-too-racey for some people but it is reality and to deny this as an aspect of yourselves and/or me is too eliminate significant parts of who we are**** (in fact it may just make some of you jealous that you don't have the control or free flowing relationship with your subconscious that i tend to which i say you actually do have it but you must cultivate it)
so i woke up and heard some pounding waves at my bedroom window, sat up in bed pulled back the curtain and saw a raging river down the hill, beautiful, powerful, engulfing trees and bushes...people who had some deeper significance (they were familiar and comfortable in the dream though i have no idea in waking reality who they are), a husband and wife and two adult sons. they were packing up the car on the street outside my window. flooding river water was up to their chests, i overheard them talking about whether they should alert me of the flood or not...water rushed up to my window, i put my hand on the window and it felt cold and refreshing. this is when i realized i was dreaming and rejoiced cause then i could do whatever i wanted, which was to get it on. i said aloud as i was pulling open my window "perfect, i am dreaming and still asleep"...i walked straight up to one of the sons...who was hot, no one i know (sorry guys) and i took him down to the water's edge, de-clothing him and me of our soaking wet clothing as we walked and we did it on this great soft wood bench with green all around...incidentally while we were doing getting it on, i remember looking at the guy and he was so clear and beautiful like the river...but he had toothpaste smeared just above his mouth which i sort of laughed about and he smiled about it too when i touched it (guess that is my unceasing sense of humor which never ends)...

so i feel good today, nothing like getting a little subconscious action to invigorate the creative soul...

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