Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back out on fox hollow to wrap up 2k8

so here i am.
after visiting family has come and gone.
caught a ride with a friend up to oregon from sf.
great drive. decent weather...funny discussion, nice music.
arrived to homemade miso soup, margaritas and homemade sushi.
like a nice warm hug on your way to sleep.
since then; david and i have done some planning on how we will spend the week that i am out here: wrapping up past projects most importantly and some house decoration.
currently i am making progress on the book binding of our "some seals" story = gorrilla glue and binding clips.
david is in town for a pedicure. then i will have to go in for a tarot reading in a bit (somebody's gotta give me some answers these days i guess)
we are getting ourselves in order in those senses(?) as well.

brought some of my own personal paintings as well. and i started working on them other day out in the workshop...those are some shots of them

it is very nice. very nice to be back in the space out here.

david is back and here are his toes. gonna have some tea and fire time before i go out for my reading

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