Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of 2k8

but i still have a ways to go.
all the same the year will have turned and a new year is just that...a new year.

so yesterday wrapped up with a bang, or anyway my soul was jarred or the little that is left of it was blown lightly to the ground.
by connie. the eugene reader that i saw yesterday.
a powerful experience.
validating, verifying and educational.
and she told me tools and tricks to work things out.
mostly keep my energy in use it to replenish myself for just a little longer.

then dk and i headed to our friends house for cocktails which was fun and easy then to dinner in town. also fun and easy.

no work today. we woke up and headed to the coast to meet up with some friends for lunch and a walk around.

then back to fox hollow in the dark...we got lost in the back country, round in circles, disoriented into the new year. hot shower when i got home then to rest in front of the fire before we head back into town for various ceremonial new year's eve parties.

tomorrow morning we are hosting a burn for friends out here. i need to create some cartoons of what i want to burn and then burn them...maybe it will come to me throughout the evening's activities. maybe.

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