Sunday, November 2, 2008

weekend of painting

so i have had the luxury of painting and collaging for paintings this weekend which
is wonderful. here is one of the pieces in process...i think i recently showed this one in its collage state

so i was making nice progress til a few hours ago when one of my wood box framed pieces fell of the shelf onto my head...this has happened with canvas pieces before and it startles and upsets me...
wood is not canvas...more massive, more dense, less elastic.

it hurt, i cried, i have a big bump.
i was frustrated, i took the piece that did the damage and painted a statement regarding the experience in black.
then i left my studio in search of ice with a bag that used to hold pistachios.
the first two places i went were closed...local bars do not open til after 3.
then i went to the fire station which was all closed up...i walked around the back, a door was open.
i went in and right there was an ice i took some and left. i iced my head for 20 minutes while laying on the floor of my studio, see documentation...

the bump is big and it hurts. i probably said that already but it does.
i ate some pistachios, wasabi peas and dried cranberries.
and now i am gonna go back to painting before my friends come over and we paint our faces like skeletons and walk around.

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