Sunday, October 26, 2008

feeling overwhelmed a bit

it is a lot to organize your life and time.
or anyway i find that.
many things going on...which project to commit to? hard to know.
balance, balance, balance...juggle, juggle, juggle-juggle.
my past week was consumed with work for david's aspect...and so we made progress but none of it is complete yet. in an ideal world...time and energy would be available now...
all the same i have to shift it all to the backburner so i can follow-up with other things that have been put on hold and new ones that have just emerged.
get myself out there into the art world = exposure.
that is the main feedback i have gotten from talking to art dealers/collectors/gallery types this past weekend.
apply for exhibitions/competitions/galleries...
then other balls in the air (more accurate would be balls next on deck to enter the air); find a job, hopefully part time...lecturing physics? something i can do which seems it may provide flexibility in time and i need to get my resume up to date and geared accordingly.
oh no, then get things together for holiday sale coming up. might try and make some zodiac onesies as an experiment and potential income?
it all comes down to money?
no it really doesn't come down to that, but we all have to eat.
then the december MAPP to organize.
i need a personal assistant.
but i coughed up a green and yellow amoeba this morning so i most importantly need to take it easy for the afternoon/evening.
tomorrow i fly to boise which should be great and easy.

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