Tuesday, October 14, 2008

turn baby turn

i think the worm is turning for me.
yesterday was a good day.
productive in the studio, happy outside of it.
saw an old collaborator randomly in the street.
in his arms he was carrying a bunch of scrap matte board that he found on the street and he graciously gave me a few nice pieces. wonderful.
now it sits in my studio waiting to one day be collaged on.
i enjoy my bike ride to my studio from my new place.
glad to be biking again...
i wrote a rough draft of my artist statement this morning, finally. i have been procrastinating that big style.
began a new collage/painting today to...i technically don't really have the time for starting new work this week... have to get ducks in a row for friday and this weekend.

the collaging felt very good, i love ripping and cutting things up, gluing them on top of each other... lots of trash and notes heavy on the past month or so which has been heavy in itself....potential title "the months leading up to this/here/now"

spending the rest of the afternoon, drinking tea and finishing up a coffee table that i have been working on for over a month. sort of a bit of a splash out...or maybe convergence between my painting style and furniture should be fun.

anticipation for this weekend is all around me.
right now proof-listening to my friday night playlist.

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