Tuesday, October 21, 2008

made it through

the weekend of open studios went better than expected...and that is not because i thought it would go poorly.
it just went really well.
lots of good positive feedback from the crowds looking at my work and i sold some paintings, a mirror, and my greeting cards.
tequila, as well, on the side.
am so tired now and got a crappy upper respiratory cold.
david lands in 54 minutes into sfo via united.
going to pick him up and then we have three days in the city working on the henri book and screwing around.
bummer i feel not so hot though for him.
think we will head to get some hot homemade tofu first thing from the airport.
beyond that? hmmmm, in life? my life is looking pretty good in the near future.
hitting boise idaho to hang with a best friend pre halloween.
for now though = finish emergen-c and call some people about picking up their artwork.
oh and i was featured on the shadow's sf art blog friday night see

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