Monday, March 31, 2008

wild cats? or not

last night went over well.
stayed out in the workshop late into the night painting. finished one more.
this one called "i said i am out at f.hollow"

i also began repainting the dwarf statue that david had out in the yard...i am giving him a fresh outfit for when the weather gets better.
fed the cats again before i went to sleep 'cause they were out and about and i felt they deserved a snack.
watched them eat it from the window, tried to indicate that i was their friend by not getting strong eye contact and saying "don't worry i am your friend". i think most of them understood...some were more eager to have a human friend than the middle of the night, i heard a few of them meowing and that could have been what it was about, my friendship.
in the morning, a surprise on the front step. i thought "oh my god, what have i started? the cats have killed the bird for me to show appreciation, but the poor bird"

then david came home and i asked him about it. he said no way, the bird just hit the window. some times i have such an imagination. i like that about myself, my life is debatably more entertaining and rewarding as a result.
nonetheless; the moral ...the bird thought he could fly further than he could and he ended up dead. kaput. but it is a beautiful bird which made me sad.

spent morning meditating; trying to summon love from within which was a struggle, i just couldn't get it, then reached out to the world to see if i could just pick some of it up from out there...but nothing strong was swinging my way at that moment. oh well, something to work on...i just kept coming back to tea and how much i love drinking and preparing tea. to quote myself from 2000..."tea, love it or leave it".
meditation goals sparked a lunchtime conversation about love with david. what is love? love is gravity, a connection between two people...but david, sometimes connections can be bad, that is not love, it can't be, love should only be nuturing and good...
that is the pot of gold at the end though. it is more complex, multiparted, when you love someone or they love you...sometimes it nutures, other times it drains. it is tight though, it pulls you and you can't escape it...hope for a balance of love's components for good health and balanced happiness. that is the quick rough raw summary. so i will meditate again after this and maybe tea will come up again, maybe not.
then david and i will meet for a tequila by the fire. i am gonna burn on of my old bras rhen...i hit my limit with it today when working on the ladder on the skeleton. the strap just kept on falling down and i thought, when i finish this i am taking this bra off and it is going in the trash
...then a lightbulb.
better yet the fire. i am gonna burn my bra, just like the good ole days, which will be the pre-dinner entertainment at fox hollow.

after lunch i began a bigger project, one i have had a vision of for at least 8 or 9 months... a skeleton painting in the stairwell up to the top floor of the house. i traced my bodyparts so the result is to-scale of me...which i think is cool. it has more work coming to it for sure but i made some solid progress.
today was the first day in days that it didn't snow.

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