Sunday, March 30, 2008

still with the crazy weather

hail, snow, rain, sun...whatever, it is march 30th and it is still going on.
it is significantly cold.
yesterday was another productive for the colleen and david collaboration.
which we have decided to call "spRk & sl8 between things", the collaborative effort that is.
bfast = olive bread and goat cheese, a grapefruit and a pot of tea.
then i worked on decorating the fruit and veggie bins in the refrigerator
with sharpees* by the fire. (*you can basically do anything here out on fox hollow and it is supported...unless you are an asshole)
lunch = quesadilla with salsa and avocado, emergen-c.

so the wild cats out here are numerous, as i think i have mentioned before. there are at least 6 that live under the workshop and my cabin. i got them some cat food in town on friday because the weather has been shit and i am sure they could use the additional support...usually they have been eating david's and my compost trash that we put outside everyday which has no meat in it and is heavy on the grapefruit skins, which i am not sure is adequate, they are probably on the verge of getting whatever the opposite of scurvy i fed them some cat food again after my lunch and they were happy i think. they drag the plastic dish of food under the cabin after i put it out just like animals.
then i worked by the fire on the bins some more.

david came back from town and brought the sunday crossword with him and worked on it in the kitchen while i consulted from the fireside.
oh re: the cats, on his drive he saw one of our cats in the field across the road making a kill...pretty nice! i would like to take credit for that i think that having provided them with a snack yesterday they had the energy to strike out into the hunting arena once again.

wrapped up the bins around 4

...then started a fire in the workshop (so it will be warm when i go out there to paint after this with a pot of green tea)...then some yoga and meditation and here i am.
sunday night alone at fox hollow.

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