Friday, March 28, 2008

snow?sun? hail? march.

woke up this morning to it snowing. watched it fall out my window from bed.
wanted to fall back to sleep but it was hard to pass up watching, so i did.
the waxing and waning of the current of snow flakes and of my mind.
then such a productive day so far.
breakfast, tea, mild yoga and meditation then a long meeting with
david starting at 10:30.
we each had pulled a tarot card for the day; david got the magician (echoing the reading i gave him last night, which was his outcome card, the archetypical man who understands and wields the powers of the world),i got 6 of wind, clarity (echoing my most recent reading, where it fell into the position of my current strength).
the meeting was discussing our various projects...all books of some sort...and their respective futures and our role in them (their respective futures).
it was productive and positive. then we finished with lunch...david made eggs,potatoes and veggies and i made accompanying quesadillas. more tea.
computer time.
then the sun came out.
next some hydration, some reading and another short meditation to get me in the right mindset to head into town later.

think i may have exited (or at least begun to exit) a funk yesterday by way of painting and personal reflection/clean up...also i went on a run in the woods which didn't hurt (well actually it did, i am sore today) but back to the funk...
been very recluse of late, having a hard time interacting, feeling very "leave me alone"/"i just want to be by myself"...perhaps it came to a peak yesterday afternoon during phone conversation with craig by the fire...very difficult/frustrating for me to interact successfully in the funk...the complex creatures that we are; simultaneously wanting two seemingly contrary things or not knowing what we want or being afraid to own what we want...all of these things and then the ones we love, the ones closest to us, they see the struggle and they get wrapped up in it or we try to keep it from them, as we pull them in to us with our arms and kick them away with our feet...nonetheless, after that something clicked as i spent the majority of the day in the workshop painting.
i love painting.
so yesterday i finished another painting called "out on fox hollow"

get out of town, now it is hailing!!!

this day is all over the place. i guess march is getting out all it can before it has to wait 11 months for another chance.
who would blame it.

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