Wednesday, March 12, 2008

rereads reheats revisits

today i left fox hollow for a bit, which was good.
a chance to put my behind on another toilet...noooo that is gross, but it is true.
went in to eugene to celebrate a friend of 8 years' birthday (what is the correct punctuation on that, "a friend of 8 years' birthday", let's be honest no one probably really knows that)
so we talked/laughed a long time over a meal plus at one of our old haunts.
then just kind of meandered through some errands i had to run.
it was a break from the stomach situation...which is becoming less frequent and today i ate more than i have eaten since sunday. triumph.
then back here;
fire in wood burning stove had gone out since i left in such a rush this morning and didn't properly tend to took me like 20 minutes to restart it and get it back to self-sustaining...which was fun. really. watching it, reorganizing it, blowing on it...soothing experience.
god, think about how much life would suck without fire.
then i watered the plants in the greenhouse which shares half of the cabin with me...brought in some more fire wood, said "hi" to a passing wild turkey, tried to pick the lock of the armoire that david put in the cabin for me with a bobby pin...but to no avail!
gonna research how to pick an old lock tonight and give it another go after finding that out...david comes back tomorrow and i am sure he must have the key anyway. let see finished The Cay last night by the fire...hmmmm took me maybe a day and a half to read that thing. take that middle schoolers!!!!! glad i did the reread but it was not all that i remembered it to be. it was more or less a let down.
but i was in middle school when i made my judgement of the story, so there you go, why wouldn't i be into a book about being stranded alone on a deserted island with a big sweet older black guy who makes it his sole purpose to take care of me and make sure i survived. coconuts, langosta, fresh scallops, chocolate and bisquits.

starting another reread tonight...Douglas Adams, "dirk gently's wholistic detective agency". no surpirse there.
recently reread his "long dark teatime for the soul" and rekindled my burning crush on his writing style/take.
so the sun is going down, just polished off some reheated spagetti... gonna go downstairs, do a brief meditaiton and then work the night away on the wall creation.
sharpees and black paint and me!!!!
that last part was meant to be you. not me i wrote it.

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The BCB said...

Oh god, whether to admit this? But I do care. And I do know. You got the punctuation right. High five from the geekery gallery *snaps*