Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so i broke loose

left the job.
the job was expendible, it was only so important in that it pushed me the extra inch so that the leap was feasible...feasible? by that perhaps i mean the only posible stable option from the precarious position i had worked my way into.
the precarious position being a box then? who knows, i have neither worked it out, nor is it significantly important anymore.
well, so i left the job, hosted an art coming out party for myself then
left the city, left the state.

drove up the coastline to oregon. stayed the night in klamath at the same hotel my boyfriend craig (now) stayed at when he rode his bike down the coast to sf from oregon (then). ate a gas station dinner after being chased away from a sunset hike by a worn 40 something male.
back to oregon. mildly back in time, where i used to find solice, support, strength, respite.
then the diarhea hit and i have been moaning and complaining ever since.
but alas, there is always ones body and it comes along for most everything. whether you would like to think so or not.
neither here nor there.
but obviously mentionable.

so now it is sort of beginning, how i pitcured it: me untethered doing what i want and seeing where that leads me.
out at david's with the fire, the rain, the tea, the trees.
when i arrived i saw he had painted a wall in the bottom bedroom with random black slashes over white. so after moaning on the couch for all of yesterday and some of today i went in there with a sharpee and some black paint and some brushes and started adding to it. it has become a nice beginning project for me. well suited to my style. impromptu, meandering and building on some preexisting lines and structure. different in that it is only black and white.

so that is basically today.
that, mild yoga, meditation and some pu-erh tea for stomach health

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Erica Gatts said...

You are my hero(ine). I am immensely proud of you, and happy you are following your heart....