Saturday, March 15, 2008

lazy saturday

so the stomach is all cleared up, i had a beautiful type 4 this morning
david got back on thursday night which has spiced things up.
i learned a little about the wood selection out in the shed from him. which pieces were hard and/or green thus
perhaps clearing up some of my fire maintinence struggle...that and i was skimping on the amount of wood i had in the stove at a time.
lesson to be learned; know your fuel and don't skimp.
finished painting the bedroom walls (3) black and white yesterday. i would best describe it sort of as a children's room themed job, with the disclaimer that i would never let it be my child's room.
meaning it could be a little dark...but in a lighthearted childlike way, which debatably only a real genuis could capture.
this morning we laughed about putting one of those halloween sounds cds on in there for guests and creating a device which drops fake spiders on them when they sleep.
so, i guess productivity is up out here.
as is tea consumption.
yoga session this morning followed by a sauna, a quesadilla and then a nap in front of the fire.
david's son japhet is out here for the weekend. they are currently playing a father son dueling scrabble game below me while also maintaining the pot of french onion soup which they are making for dinner tonight.
i think i will go put on my painting clothes and go out to the workshop and paint for an hour or so.
some paintings which were mid process from sf.
unfinished business.
think i gotta go drop a type 4 on my way ;)
oh there has yet to be a day with out rain for me at fox hollow which is what i need.

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banjoeyes said...

well lets see the finished product... the sharpie art!
glad to hear you are feeling better and am happy to be in the know on your bm schedule.

i miss you on our email chains but i do enjoy reading your stories.

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