Sunday, March 16, 2008

mild image update

played ping pong last night in the workshop.
haven't had the opportunity to play that much in life but am looking forward to many more times while i am here.
ping pong rally on!!!
today the sun came out, it was beautiful.
made a good pot of tea in the morning and painted most of the day away in the workshop surrounded by trees and sunlight.

david got the fire going in the wood burning stove in there so it was pretty deluxe.
ended the painting with a bit of meditation. now planning on taking it easy tonight.
david is down the road tending to his love interest.
warm shower, light reading, then try and reenact the french onion soup from last night, which by the way was
oh yeah, cat-wise, there are many of them that come hang out on the property fuzzy white one is living under my cabin. so i am thinking of naming it fluffball

also the best i could do, in terms of documenting the walls in the room i painted; here it is

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banjoeyes said...

did you do that all with a sharpie? i love it... well done you!