Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the irish to the rescue

rastaman vibration kicking in the background.
david is down painting one of the walls in the living room before we head into town for dinner at our friend's house.
we will be riding on japhet's coat-tails tonight and
bring the french onion soup of saturday.

today did some drawing and talking to david of future illustration projects in the morning,
next tea and then personal painting in the workshop.
almost stepped on a large slug on my way back into the house for a pee.
i apologized to the slug.
now gonna take a shower, help with the f.onion soup prep, then off we go to pick up a bottle of wine pre-dinner.

yesterday was a good day. pretty internal.
morning time, david's flame's children were over. we took them on a leprechaun hunt into the trees up by the cabin.
then lit a fire in the cabin's stove and david led a few make-shift irish songs.
being as we found no leprechaun's, they (the kids) happily took that role on and created mischief.
they started their own alternative fire out on the deck out of mostly newspaper, which we apathetically supported until it filled the cabin with smoke and ashes. then we went back down to the house and their mother picked them up.
i meditated most of the afternoon (where is love?), then did yoga.
intermittedly read about the fall of the roman empire in the hopes of learning how the irish saved civilization.
that i enjoyed. the reading. never was huge on history, never understood how anyone could really know any of it...but yesterday, yesterday it did the trick for me. fireside.
david came in and we talked about it. history, people...it.
conversation transitioned nicely into tequila and limes and discussion of our own personal histories.
what does it mean? for us, for you, for me...
take home message; i am me, i am here, i have it pretty sweet. the individual rises.
threw together a late dinner of beets, greens, pasta, tofu.
and that brings us to this morning.
oh and the fact that i can really sleep-in well these days. phenomenal.
no sun to blind me or scream me out of bed...just lulling rain and green trees.
only limitation is that my bladder isn't the size of kentucky.
can't have it all.

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