Monday, October 24, 2011

even it's been a while, it is never too late to get back to it

so it's been awhile. my time in ireland sparked me into thinking long-term about my future.
and it turns out to get to my future i have to (debatable? but i seem to have to) go back through my past. part of that makes me feel irritated and pathetic...riding on things once done, cashing in checks...etc but part of it is really cool.
most of it is science and trying to find a long-term position but some, a very small bit is art.
my plastic collage table is out of storage and in the dining room asserting that it needs attention.
in 2003/2004 i took a few trips down to the yucatan, where i basked in the sun on the beaches of tulum. most days i would walk the beach collecting plastic trash just like i used to do with beach glass as a kid. I would take bags of it back in my suitcase to eugene oregon. it would smell salty.
some of the bottles were still intact and i use them still as vases. here's my cat maxwell(rip) with some of them
the broken pieces are what i began collaging on this dining room table i was handed down from my older sister when i moved out of the dorms. back in slo.
Dude, get a load of those old school electronics.
so this table got a ton of old ocean plastic collaged on it and then used as my desk/art table for a few more years then it spent a good 3 years in storage.
it's never been finished. i am in the process of finishing it now. some things take that long, even if they are not revolutionary.
after i give it a solid acetone cleaning, I am gonna pour it's first coat of resin on. then i have another idea. but projects are many these days with me...but like i mentioned before they are more science and teaching and less art.

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