Sunday, June 13, 2010

perhaps i can properly pronounce my name now

or anyway as those in the old country would say it.
so i am spending a few months in dublin. i have been here almost two weeks so far.
it is working out for me.
here with some good people.
my aims and goals are vague but existent. think about things, do some art, ride a bike, read, drink a fair amount of tea,watch the world cup and talk about things large and small, deep and superficial, slapstick and serious with one of my core people...a great female physicist friend.
so far, i have met these goals and more.
this weekend, went with a mixed group of physicists and others on a walk through the wicklow mountains. it was beautiful and the wind blew through my mind for a bit of it... which was something that has been needing to be done for about half a decade.

time sort of flies and i am sort of in a haze. one of those that is giddy and fun. a young summer haze where things are really ok and you are with a people that make you lean back and smile and sometimes slap your knee or clap your hands in delight. plus i have new things to ask questions about and many practical unknowns to conquer. the weather comes in and out and resonates with how i perceive life these days...i have been neither too hot or too cold since i have arrived. the night comes later than i am accustomed to and the day earlier. my sleep is of the first nights here, i had a lucid dream where i was creating and summoning all types of things but was most focused and remember clearly this sheet metal component with wheels which kept on sliding past me, a slightly new shape each time. it was beautiful and bright.
when i take some pictures of my art scene i will post them, for now some seals i saw out in the ocean

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