Saturday, June 19, 2010

appropriate times, spooky signs

whether you like it or not, things that want to be seen by you come to you.

they do.

they come on a plane or maybe they summon you by plane to a cul de sac across the ocean and then they swirl around you in different pieces and parts, til you put them together and they make it very clear that they are not going away and further more they are sick of being marginalized.

and when they do, you should just be thankful that your older sister is by your side.

but one thing i don't understand is why does my mother dislike me so much, why is she recently so adverse to me?

i guess someone has to be the fall guy...and besides something like that is not worth understanding, it just distracts... sort of like how the crazy naked people were able to beat the roman army for that one fight up north: a distraction from something bigger

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