Thursday, April 3, 2008

something small is better than nothing

the wild cats and i are moving along...well, at least 3 of them and i are taking it to the next level of trust and solidarity. potentially four.
met up with physicists...the taylor lab reunion...billy, matt, richard and i.
we all used to be so tight down in the basement and now look at us all...spiraling out in all directions...some further than others...i.e. what nest? it was only a fucking illusion to get you to the next spot....shhhhhhhhhh don't tell the baby birds that yet. they aren't ready. even some adult birds are not ready to find that out.
i am not one of them.
neither is richard...but some how he is still caught up in it.
today was warm and beautiful and i had a massage.
tomorrow i am spending the whole day in the upper cabin meditating....i made a schedule and i will use my brother's comment yesterday to guide a sit. thank you billy.

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