Wednesday, April 9, 2008

soft warm loving moss sleeves

on monday i pulled a card from david's tarot deck.
5 of wind - fear
on tuesday i pulled another
death - things need to die in order to be reborn, one must confront fear as their final step
in transformation
and this morning i pulled the
3 of wind - recognition...a rebirth is occuring. i am the captain of my ship.

ohhhhhh what will i pull tomorrow?
i hope it is two tickets to paradise or a hundred bucks.
silly colleen, it will instead be another card marking the next step on the
neverending path of personal (whatever it means to be a person) development.
i guess so.

so why is oregon so wonderful?
david didn't neccesarily ask, but i answered this morning.
it is because everything is so loving here...i was looking out the bathroom window (see figure 1) and reflected that the domain
just reeks of nuturing and love, a tree's bare branches are wrapped in a nice green moss, like a little sweater...
it is not like the moss is draining the tree or trying to suffocate it, it is instead like it is trying to keep the tree warm. it is hugging the tree and loving it. that is even how it feels when you walk on the ground here, so soft from all the moisture and plant debris, so supportive on your feet and the air is easy to breath.

yesterday was productive after lunch. i bought some wood blocks to carve to make block prints a few days ago so i worked on carving them and my thumb by the fire. here are the results. it was a fun activity. it made me happy.

then i painted most of the evening/night. finished two paintings, below.

worked on a new base collage and screwed around on two canvases i keep on screwing around on.
david joined me out there for a bit with margaritas for us and he worked on framing his upcoming entry into the eugene mayor's art show. figure 5.
then we had a dinner of yams, potatoes, veggies and beets. it was delicious.
afterwhich i talked to craig on the phone about crazy white collar criminals(?). i felt tired but somehow i stayed up to watch the movie david had put in...Bobby Z (fyi part of it takes place in laguna beach by chance) was total crap...but in a somewhat enjoyable, days of our lives kind of way.

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