Friday, April 11, 2008

deer in my closet eating my shoes

dreamt there were animals in my room walking around last night, trying to sneak but i heard them...i kept my eyes closed out of laziness, i.e. if you see the problem you have to confront it, if you don't you can pretend you are imagining it and stay sleeping in your bed (this was all a dream mind you, i am an expert in these types of reality similar dreams), so they moved around and i continued to play the fool (of sorts), til i heard them step into the armoire (my closet) then they started eating my shoes, at this point i could no longer ignore the situation, my shoes are apparently where i draw the i got up, reached for my headlamp and put on my boots and walked over to the which point everything went silent. i looked in things were out of focus for a bit then they became so when i woke up with my boots on and headlamp looking in my closet with no animals and my shoes all lined up chomp free. realized it was a dream that brought me there and was somewhat annoyed that i woke myself up with this little "dream adventure" and grumbled over to the doorway to drop off my boots and head back into my bed, when taking off the boots i looked out the door window and looking in at me a few feet away was a large deer, with its friends in the background...we both scared each other then stared at each other.
then i got back in bed with my book to read myself back to sleep and proceeded to hear real life what inspired the dream, the deer walking around on the other side of the wall of my cabin and then chomping on some flowers or greens.
so that was last night. eventually douglas adams lulled me to sleep.

turned on my computer and been trying to write in this blog for the last 30 minutes
but instead been bogged down by emails. ahhhhhhhh.
hmmmmmmmm. i have been struggling the past few days with anxieties
that seem to jump to the forefront
race my heart, make my face lighten and throat tighten.
whenever i think of the outside leaving here.
which comes up soon. craig flys up next friday and then we must
be back in sf via the honda by sunday night. so there it is.

yesterday david and i went to tsunami bookstore in eugene to pick up a check for the sale of our first project "custard apples". that was exciting, we crossed the street after and had espressos and bought bread for later.
then we went to the fed store to buy hay bails for
planting potatoes today in the garden.
i saw baby chicks and a large bunny there.
had a long run in the sun yesterday down fox hollow. then ry (david's eldest son) came through for the night which was excitement.

today we are planting the potatoes, david is already in the garden. i need to get out there.

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