Tuesday, March 25, 2008

settling in

was just snowing outside for a bit, now it has turned back to rain. a heavy rain day.
where to begin?
easter ended with a bang, if by bang you mean ended up with me getting sick in the bathroom. vomiting.
but the dinner before that was good, at least in company. david and i met his friend heidi in town who is an artist/tarot/astrologer. she clarified what a "psychic" was upon
my inquiry, the conversation also gave me some confidence/clarity to my current intentions/aims.
getting sick? no one will ever know why. my guess is that alot of stuff used to be going on around me and some has still been going on in me and then i was putting much more in and my body was having trouble keeping up...so it expressed itself. david has to remind me that i am going through a major life transition and it takes time to decompress. i guess i agree, but i want to be infallible and productive.
mmmm, delicious, i just made a great pot of tea. milk aroma oolong with a little bit of sugar and milk. nice.

the following day was a recovery day, much napping and fire time. didn't have an appetite, was a bit tired and down. david hung with me periodically by the fire and kept me afloat with a combination of light joking, deep affirmations and cynical ponderings. went to sleep early. some days are like that and you can't beat yourself up about them. well you can beat yourself up, but you are a jerk for doing it because only jerk beats a dead horse and death is inevitable.

aha! the rain has turned back to snow. it is so beautiful and slow, coming through the trees all around the kitchen.

i took some photo documentation the other day since i woke to sunshine and 2 wild female turkeys pecking outside my door. they come and go.

here is david too painting some molding to frame a bunch of cool paintings he bought in new york

and then a picture which sort of displays my set up here. i am actually still living in the "closer to the house" cabin as opposed to the one up on the hill without electricity. think i will keep that one more as a "retreat" from the retreat and maybe spend a day or two up there soon.

on monday, david was doing work in the garden and i went out to visit him in the early evening and walk around the garden when we were paid a visit by his neighbor, Duane. Duane is like in his early forties and has the most ridiculous mullet i have ever seen live. see figure 1(*sorry for the roughness of the image, i don't have my mouse with me right now). he rode up the driveway to us on his off road honda motorcycle. he is missing a few teeth and has a hand gun strapped to his side in plain view. nice guy though. just majorly a "country person" and very surreal for me. he is a lonely guy, works all the time but had the day off, obviously was bored shitless and saw us milling aorund the garden and wanted to come check out the action. david had to gracefully say "well, great seeing you duane, moving on" several times..."well you guys know, just holla if you need anything, anything at all, just holla, i will hear you". which is nice of him.

the next day was yesterday. we had a big day...we packed up david's truck with an old carpet from the guest room and a bunch of other trash and took it to the dump. which was a novelty. then we hit the grocery store and lunch. we hit the grocery store to get the supplies for our dinner that we had last night. my ultimate friends CJ and Missy came over and we had a Baked ziti type dish david makes. then we played ping pong in the workshop...oh but when we first went in there, there was a bat flying around, so i ran out, then i went back in while missy and david tried to get in out, then i went under the ping pong table, then i came back out cause i felt stupid since i was really the only one reacting like that.
always falling to peer pressure.
oh so then figure 2 (*) shows what i remember of the bat (i told missy i would make a figure for that one). the bat stayed in there with us, he went up on a shelf to sleep. david says he is probably in there all the time with me sleeping.
ping pong is fun. i really like that. i am treating it like kara-te and david as Miagi. last night i grasped the concept of moving my energy forward at all times and meeting the ball before it meets me. then we all came back in the house and played scrabble. which is hard for me on a variety of levels but i was around people i like so that was what mattered...
long story short last night was a fun night for sure. a success. missy and cj brought us brownies, which i am eating one currently with my tea...mmmmmm. afternoon tea at fox hollow.
so the rest of the day? well it is a cold/wet one, think i will meditate after this, do some mild yoga, then maybe come back into the house and draw by the fire.
tonight i have to go in to town for my friend jan's bday party.

also i finally took pictures of the paintings i finished this weekend
this one is titled science

this one is titled my sister

and ps it is really coming down in snow buckets now, there is a little bird sitting on the deck outside getting hit by the big flakes and it is probably thinking "jesus, i just flew back up here, now i gotta go south again"...poor guy.

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