Wednesday, July 7, 2010

add them up and i hope you get 19

last night i had a nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare...luckily the crazy overweight guy in a red and black striped shirt who startled me by knocking on the door standing outside the building i was in and holding random appliances was doing it in such a way as to frighten me sooo much that i was able to scream my way awake into the multiple stages of the dream until i finally woke myself up into reality. the strangest part was that the transitions out of each individual dream were all so quick that the finger poking me from my childhood friend to wake me up from the dream in level two down was still present on my side when i was finally awake which gave me another scare. i never understand how strongly i can feel the things i conjure in my mind...that poking feeling must have come from a real experience.

so yeah, anyway, i would say all these internal days working on art the past week and the massive amounts of sleep i have been getting due to the allergy stupor i have been in are adding up.

so today i took a break and got on my bike and rode up to Howth. it felt nice to sweat for real reasons. i felt grounded and good after.

tomorrow i will pick up the art again and try and close out the autobiographical book of which i have 3 pages left of the 19.

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