Saturday, April 5, 2008

sis boom bah

last night david and i made a solid showing at our personal
happy hour.
complete with entertainment; we watched some footage of some of his old performances.
he is a performance artist. he knows what he is doing.
it is inspirational.
then ravioli and "the good night" with p.cruz, g.paltrow, and d. devito.
started strong but slow...ended slow and lame.
i booo-ed as i put my boots on and went out to my cabin.
then i boo-ed again just before i fell asleep.

loud noise followed by a dying "tweet" early in the morning woke me up.
bird hit window again, this time of my cabin. poor bird.
when i got up and looked around to find it...
it was gone, just a mess of feathers, my under the cabin cats must have came out and dragged it under for breakfast.
lazy hunters.

drove in to town to meet my friend ida and others for a run along the river.
chilly but nice. came back to hot shower, fireside nap and then painting.

no tea yet today...amazing.
amazing. a small break... but a break all the same.
productive nonetheless. did all the illustrations for one of david's poems in one sitting before dinner.
scanning them now.
also did some drawings for my own purposes...

traditionally caffeine is correlated to productivity.
not today BITCHES!!!!!!!!

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